Will my insurance cover this?

Your insurance company can't tell you whether or not you qualify for treatment until they've received the results of your blood test.

Let us do that for you. Your blood test will be scheduled immediately after you become a member. If your insurance company offers to cover your testosterone treatment in an alternate manner that is acceptable to you, we'll cancel your membership. If you're not covered, or if you are covered but you don't like what they mandate, you'll have us to fall back on.

But here's what you need to know up front:

Fewer than 1 percent of the men who need testosterone are aware that they need it. Most just assume they're "getting older" and that nothing can be done.

Consequently, most insurance policies offer to cover testosterone therapy only if your Total Testosterone is below 300.

A score of 700 to 1100 is optimal.

If your Total Testosterone is below 600, you would definitely benefit from treatment.

Not only will you look and feel better, your overall health will improve.

Most insurance companies don't cover treatment when your score is above 300 because frankly, they don't have to. You can live with a total testosterone score below 600, just like you can live with a toothache or with back pain. But do you really want to?

Another problem with insurance-funded treatment is that most insurance companies insist that you use "Androgel," a topical testosterone medication. Men who are steered toward Androgel by their insurance companies usually wind up paying $100-$200 a month out-of-pocket.  Isn't insurance wonderful?

As a member of LowTestosterone.com, you're part of a huge buying group that gets the best treatment available - real testosterone - prescribed and monitored by licensed physicians at the very competitive prices. Volume is the key.

Does it surprise you that a private group can negotiate a much more efficient relationship with the medical community than an insurance company can? It shouldn't.

Now let's get back to the real problem with Androgel.

We asked Dr. Bob Mathis, a board-certified specialist in anti-aging medicine,

"What will Androgel do to a patient's testosterone levels?"

Bob Mathis, MD:  "Generally you would be lucky if androgel increased Total Testosterone levels two to three hundred points max and that's if it works.  Androgel seems to really benefit only about 15% of the population, and then, of course, there's the problem of transdermal fatigue."

Interviewer: Explain, please.

Dr. Bob Mathis, MD: "Androgel will often only work for 3-6 months, maybe a year, then stop working due to transdermal fatigue.  Most well trained doctors hate to see patients use creams and gels because they can be less effective over time. An even bigger problem is that it absorbs through the lymphatic system where it loses most of its strength and produces much more DHT metabolites than injectionable Testosterone.  If left unbalanced, this can cause prostate cell growth.

If you want to run it up the flagpole with your insurance company, go ahead.  But now you have all the facts.

Here's our best suggestion: Become a member of LowTestosterone.com and let us get your blood tested. Then you'll have what you need when you talk to your insurance company.

Let us put you on the path to healthy energy, a happier attitude and deeper rest at night; real, natural sleep.

You're not getting old. Your body just isn't producing as much testosterone as it used to. Our physicians can fix that.

LowTestosterone.com is committed to providing our clients with exceptional testosterone treatment at the absolute best prices available! Our extensive network of doctors are "Low Testosterone Certified" and are eager to help improve your quality of life today!